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Magna 800 Series

Magna Corro-Ban 801, Solvent Cut-Back Rust Preventive

It is a petroleum-based product developed for long-term protection of machinery under severe condition, both indoors and outdoors. It is a thin film product suitable for machinery and parts stored or shipped under various conditions of severity.

Magna Corrosion SA

It is an additive that effectively boosts the corrosion protection of parts processed in vapour degreasing, cleaning and stripping baths. It does not alter the surface appearance of the parts or leave a residual film. Does not require removal. Protects all grades of steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

Magna Foss

It is formulated to bind and convert rust commonly found in most metal surfaces into iron phosphate. When completely dry, a protective layer will form and a coat of paint can be applied if required. It can be used for removing rust stains on most metals and painted surfaces.

Magna Lube-Coat

It is a black liquid rust preventive material designed to provide effective protection for ferrous metal surfaces. It is recommended for the arrest and prevention of rusting in ship’s ballast tanks, voids, cofferdams, chain lockers, barge brakes and other equipment.

Magna Magtan, Rust Converting Primer

It is an un-pigmented primer that stabilizes firm rust by conversion to a more stable form of iron. This stability is the basis for the protection. It is versatile and can be used in every industry such as automobile, aviation, chemical, petrochemical, marine, mining and engineering.

Magna Metal Guard, VCI Anti-Corrosion Oil

It is an anti-corrosion oil blended with solvents. It protects both ferrous metals and aluminium. Its soft film is transparent and allows easy visual inspection. It is ideal for treating machine tools, protection of sheet metal panels and protection during storage periods.

Magna Metal Bond, Repair Epoxy Stick

It is a hand-kneadable, non-rusting, steel-reinforced epoxy putty. It repairs or rebuilds anything made of metal in minutes. It cures steel hard and bonds tenaciously to metals. After final cure, it can be drilled, tapped, machined, ground or filled.

Magna M.D.F. Moisture Guard

It is a non-flammable combination of special water displacement compound. It contains corrosion inhibitors, penetrants and non-greasy lubricants in a solvent carrier system used to dispel water and moisture from electrical equipment.

Magna Prime, Rust Converter and Primer

It is specifically formulated to convert rust to a complex organic protective coating. It also removes dirt or loose rust. It is an excellent base for finished paint and gives increased protection against rust and corrosion.

Magna Rust Guard

It is a dark brown thixotropic liquid with corrosion inhibitors. The residual film after solvent evaporation is highly resistant to salt water and salt spray, making it particularly useful in marine, off-shore, industrial and automobile rust proofing applications.

Magna R.B.C.

It is a chemical agent used for the cleaning of small arms and automatic aircraft weapons after firing. It cleans the mechanism and gun cores clogged by fire speedily and effectively. It dissolves corrosive salts and easily removes combustion carbon residues.

Magna Watershield, Corrosion Inhibitor Coating

It is a clear protective film ideal for the protection of all new steel structures and for maintenance. It is also suitable for use on vehicles, industrial plants and equipment. It is thixotropic, water displacing, cost effective and easy to handle.