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Magna 2000 Series

Magna 2050 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solvent

Magna 2050 is a highly purified odourless cleaning solvent, specially developed to use in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning system. It has wide applications ranging from general cleaning to removal of specific soils including buffing compounds, oils, greases and metal oxides. With its ability to effectively replace harmful ozone depleting solvents, Magna 2050 is an ideal substitute for CFC solvents currently used in Electronic, Electroplating, Metal Processing and plastic industries.

Magna 2051 Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

Magna 2051 is an aqueous ultrasonic cleaning solution designed for a broad range of liquid industrial degreasing application from general metal cleaning to precision cleaning. Magna 2051 has been developed as an effective, safe alternative to chlorinated solvents. Almost every production process in the metal working and electronics industry requires a degreasing stage to remove dirt, grease and oil. Until recently, solvents used for degreasing were almost always chlorinated hydrocarbons. Chlorinated solvents are now under increasing regulatory pressure, being difficult to dispose of and with a tendency to persist in the environment. These solvents also have performance disadvantages: they can corrode cleaning equipment and attack many surfaces such as plastics, rubbers and certain light metals. Chlorinated solvents also typically have a pronounced odour.

Magna Mud Treat 2006 Liquid Viscosifier

Magna MUD TREAT 2006 is a liquid viscosifier that suspends organic or inorganic polymers in emulsifiable oil. It may be added to fresh or brackish water.