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Magna 1000 Series

Magna 1100 Oil Spill Dispersant

It is designed to disperse oil spills rapidly both on land and sea. Removes oil spills in harbours, seaports and other naval facilities, in the vicinity of offshore drilling platforms and decks, and along coastlines. May be used as a cleaner on deck.

Magna 1100-C Concentrated Oil Spill Dispersant

This super emulsifier accelerates rapid dispersion of oil into milky white residues. This is a premium product for fighting oil pollution at sea. It may be used as a cleaner on deck too. Low toxicity and non-corrosive on metals.

Magna 1109 Electrical Cleaner (Aerosol)

Magna 1109 Electrical Cleaner is a fast acting and non-corrosive solvent for cleaning and degreasing of oil, dirt, grease and grime on electrical parts and equipment. It is fast drying and non-flammable. It is non-conductive and replaces the toxic and highly flammable solvents like naptha and trichloroethylene

Magna 1114

Magna 1114 is a powerful blend of quick acting super-penetrating solvents. It actually loosens rust and corrosion almost instantly. It will free any part frozen by rust, corrosion, scale, paint, varnish, carbon or gum in amazingly quick time. It ensures continued lubrication of freed parts.

Magna 1120 Belt Dressing (Aerosol)

Magna 1120 Belt Dressing is specially developed to prevent slippage of all types of flat, round, or v-belts, used in compressors, pumps, conveyors, fans, automotive and farm equipment. It stops squeaks and squeals in pulleys, effectively increases gripping power up to 70%.

Magna 1121 Super Anti-Mold Spray (Aerosol)

Magna 1121 Super Anti-Mold Spray is a powerful disinfectant against a broad spectrum of bacteria. It retards / combat mould growth on leather, wood, carpet, air condition ducts in the living quarters on board ships and rigs where relative humidity is extremely high.

Magna 1127 Safety Solvent (Aerosol)

Magna 1127 Safety Solvent is a non-flammable, non-conductive, low toxicity cleaner and degreaser. It effectively cleans and degrease dirt, grease, oil and grime from metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Degreasing can be done without any disassembling.

Magna 1129 Clear Insulating Varnish

Magna 1129 Clear Insulating Varnish quickly seals, insulates and waterproofs electrical motor and electronic components while allowing visual inspection of the insulated parts. It dries to a flexible, tough, oil-proof film that protects electrical equipment

Magna 1130 Clear Insulating Varnish (Aerosol)

Magna 1130 quickly seals, insulates, waterproofs electrical motors and electronic components yet allows visual inspection of the insulated parts. It is highly resistant to oils, moisture, acids, alkalines and has outstanding adhesion. It protects metal, wood, paper and leather surfaces.

Magna 1131 Red Insulating Thermal Acrylic Coating

Magna 1131 is a tough, flexible, oil-proof thermal insulation for electrical motors, coils, wires and electrical components. It quickly seals, insulates and waterproofs electrical motor and electronic components.

Magna 1132 Dry Film Lubricant

Magna 1132 is a unique dry film spray-on lubricant. Contains a carefully selected blend of graphite solid lubricants of controlled particle size dispersed in a fast drying solvent system and resin binder. Use where permanent lubrication with exceptional long wear and low frictional properties is desired.

Magna 1180

Magna 1180 seals electrical power In and power robbing corrosion out. It is a dark brown thixotropic liquid with corrosion inhibitors, silicone oil and solvent based carriers. The residual film is highly resistant to salt water and salt spray, making it particularly useful in automotive, marine, industrial and off-shore rust proofing and insulation applications.

Magna 1320 Anti-Mold Spray

Magna 1320 disinfects, cleans and deodorize in one operation. It is a highly effective germicidal cleaner and it contains quaternary ammonium salts, the germ killer that lasts for days. Its powerful chemical action destroys bacteria which cause foul odours and retards mould growth.

Magna Solvent Spanner

Magna Solvent Spanner, anti-corrosion & penetrating oil is a powerful blend of super-penetrating solvent that actually loosens rust and corrosion almost instantly. It will free any parts frozen by rust, corrosion, scale, paint, varnish, carbon or gum. It reduces replacement costs.

Magna C&C Lubricant

Magna C&C Lubricant is an outstanding multi-purpose wire and chain lubricant for lubricating and hard film protection of cables and wire ropes. It has superior anti-friction and anti-seize properties. It is water resistant and has anti-oxidation properties.

Magna C.C.B.C. Contact and Circuit Board Cleaner

Magna C.C.B.C removes “white residue”, rosin fluxes and ionic soils from printed wiring assembly and other electronic units. It cleans oil, grease, dirt, moisture and other ionic soils from printed circuits, floppy discs, tape mechanisms, magnetic tapes, precision instruments, control switches and motors.

Magna Electrolube

Magna Electrolube, electric contact cleaner with VCI lubricant quickly removes grease, dust and oxidation on switches, circuit-breakers, relays and panel boxes. It provides instant corrosion protection to all metallic parts. The VCI film does not alter electrical resistance, magnetic and thermal properties of the metal substrates.

Magna Ferro-Miracle

Magna Ferro-Miracle is a light vapour corrosion inhibitor oil that gives off an invisible vapour to protect metals from rusting or corroding. The vapour action provides complete protection for internal parts that are not easily accessible. It effectively protects metal parts, machine tools, machinery parts and hand tools

Magna G.L, Multi-Purpose Greaseless Lubricant (Aerosol)

Magna G.L is a proprietary special lubricant. It is a colourless, waxless, stainless silicone lubricant that stops binding and squeaking of all moving parts. It forms a protective flexible shield on rubber, plastic, leather, metal, wood surface and electrical components when used as a protective coating.

Magna Liquid Spanner

Magna Liquid Spanner will free any part frozen by rust, corrosion, scale, paint, varnish, carbon or gum. It is a general purpose, top quality penetrating and release oil that ensures continued lubrication of freed parts.

Magna NDT FD Cleaner/Remover

Magna NDT FD Cleaner is a clear colourless non-flammable solvent. It is used as a pre-cleaner, a post cleaner and a penetrant remover. It is fast drying and can eliminate industrial fires. It is both economical and gives excellent performance.

Magna NDT FD Developer, Surface Flaw Detector

Magna NDT FD Developer consists of fast drying white particles which provide an excellent contrasting background for Magna FD Penetrant. It has a low sulfur and halogen content to minimize corrosion. Use it for leak testing, welds and general work, forging, valves, pipes and castings.

Magna NDT FD Inspection System, Surface Flaw Detector

Magna NDT FD Inspection System is specially developed to meet the convenience of users in field application where portability is required. It consists of Magna NDT FD Penetrant, Magna NDT FD Developer and Magna NDT FD Cleaner.

Magna NDT FD Penetrant, Surface Flaw Detector

Magna NDT FD Penetrant is a solvent removable red colour contrast penetrant. It exhibits outstanding penetrating characteristics which provide for maximum reliability in locating surface flaws. Useful for leak testing, forgings, welds and general work, pipes, castings and valves.

Magna Release Me

Magna Release Me is a non-greasy, high temperature, low reactivity silicone that forms an almost frictionless film on mould surface to enhance the release of the moulded parts. It stops build up of sticky liquid and has high compressibility.

Magna Rust Guard

Magna Rust Guard provides optimal corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals exposed to outdoor environments. It displaces moisture, forming a non-conductive film. It has high resistance and insulating properties. It is particularly useful in marine, offshore, industrial and automobile rust proofing applications.

Magna Sol-Lite 1,1,1 Trichloroethane

Magna Sol-Lite 1,1,1 Trichloroethane is a colourless, low toxicity solvent with a characteristic mild sweet odour. Does not exceed the maximum permitted content in the air of worksites.

Magna Sol-Lite W.S. White Spirit

Magna Sol-Lite is a low odour and low aromatic content solvent white spirit. It is ideal for use in making paints where lower odour and aromatics emission are desirable, in places such as homes, hospitals and offices.