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Formulated from 100% environmentally-friendly and biodegradable raw materials, Magna’s cleaning and maintenance products are optimal performers – however, unlike other chemical solutions, our products are developed with both the customer and the environment in mind. We integrate the latest technology and innovations into our products which enable them to perform in a vast array of applications and environments.

Magna is a leading developer of cleaning and maintenance solutions, and has a line of over 200 cleaning and maintenance chemicals which include water treatment, aerosol products, fuel treatment, disinfectants and sanitizers. Armed forces in the NAFTA region, Asia-Pacific and Europe have incorporated our products to keep their equipment in high performance mode.

We are represented by international distributors in over 25 countries, and every one of our products is certified with NATO Master Cross Reference List (MCRL) and an individual NATO Stock Number for easy access worldwide.

We are familiar with the customer’s need for quality and reliability, and we will show you why Magna is a trusted name and dependable partner in the chemical industry.