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Viscopro are specialty surfactants for blending waterless hand cleaners, emulsifiers, metalworking fluids and oil spill dispersants.

Choosing the right surfactant is a critical step in chemical formulation and the high quality of all Viscopro products will ensure that all customer requirements are met.

Viscopro is a specialty surfactant which can be used for multiple purposes such as cleaning, lubrication or degreasing. Surfactants play an important in many practical applications and products, like emulsifiers, coupling agents, cleaning agents, degreasing and gelling agents.

Viscopro's surfactant capability encompass four major technologies, ethoxlyation, alkoxylation, carboxylation and sulfonation. Magna offers surfactants with good wetting agent properties, high foaming, low foaming, defoaming, electrolye solubility, hydrotropicity and solvency. Combinations of these properties are ideal for most industrial cleaning products and related applications.

We provide our customers with application, formulation and product assistance. Our network of Technical Specialists can help evaluate processess and products in your plant and assist at the plant or equipment start-up time should it regards the usage of our products.

Viscopro SE

Viscopro S.E. is a proprietary formulated non-ionic specialty surfactant.

Viscopro S.E. is a clear viscous liquid that offers a broad range of properties. It is an excellent emulsifier and a melting agent. An ideal surfactant for blending cleaners with low HLB(Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance) value.

Viscopro S.E. finds application in a number of different industries and in a multitude of products including dewaxing chemicals, oil spill dispersant, solvent degreaser, tank cleaners, carbon remover and etc.

Viscopro SF

Viscopro S.F. is a biodegradable gelling agent with superior wetting and dispersing characteristics. It is a clear amber free flowing viscous liquid specially developed for formulating cleaning gel or cream products.

Viscopro S.F. is used to make grease-like cleaners suitable for use on hands and hard surfaces. Cleaners made from Viscopro S.F. can be used without water or can be easily washed from the hands with water.

Viscopro FT

Viscopro F.T. is a proprietary formulated non-ionic specialty surfactant.

Viscopro F.T. is a clear viscous liquid that offers a broad range of properties. It is used as an emulsifier, coupling agent, a detergent wetting agent, de-emulsifier, anti-foam agent and a solubilizer etc.

Because of this versatility, Viscopro F.T. finds application in a number of different industries and in a multitude of products including fuel oil treatment chemicals, oil spill dispersants, metal working fluids, industrial cleaners, degreasers and etc.

Viscopro HDC

Viscopro H.D.C. is a non-ionic surfactant. It is an ideal surfactant for manufacturing water-soluble based cleaner.

Viscopro H.D.C. is a very high PH, very high butyl content product, formulated to meet the need for an extra strength cleaner/degreaser. Due to the chemical potency, products that made from Viscopro H.D.C., are extremely effective in the removal of heavy accumulations of grease, oil, fats, carbon, ink, wax, dirt, tar and asphalt and other stubborn soils.

Viscopro H.D.C. is non-flammable, biodegradable, contains no harsh fumes and leaves no filmy residue when rinsed thoroughly. Low to medium sudsing, depending on dilution ration and means of application.

Viscopro SMC

Viscopro SMC, a proprietary anionic specialty surfactant created to fulfill products which require high suds Viscopro SMC is a 100% biodegradable surfactant and essentially non-toxic.

Products formulated from Viscopro SMC exhibit special properties to emulsify grease, oils fats and dried foods from pots and pans, yet is gentle enough for fine China glassware and skin. As a manual car-wash compound, the said product produced from Viscopro SMC will remove road film, insects and water soluble oils and rinse away without streaking glass or auto finishes.