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Unlike other lubricant manufacturers, Magna is specialized in producing a comprehensive line of industrial lubricants and greases for every conceivable type of lubricating applications, irregardless of how demanding or extreme certain applications may be. Choosing the right lubricant for industrial processes is a critical step in maintaining a high level of productivity, keeping machinery downtime to a minimum.

The Lupromax range of products have always been developed with customers' needs in mind, designd to enable equipment to reach optimum operating levels, allowing our customers to focus their energy on building and managing their businesses.

The said products are high performance, multi-purpose and provide an excellent alternative as compared to other industrial lubricants.

Lupromax lubricants can be trusted to meet and even exceed industry standards for quality, reliability and performance.

For more information on the full range of Lupromax products, please visit Lupromax website.

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