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Vappro Preservation System (VPS)

Globally recognized as a leading authority in the industry of preservation and corrosion control, Magna Group has been a long-time partner of armed forces worldwide in providing protection and maintenance of combat vehicles and related artillery.

With a comprehensive range of corrosion prevention solutions, Magna Group has developed the most advanced and environmentally safe VCI technology known as Vappro, which stands for vapour phase protection. Vappro products accommodate applications varying from small to large scale, all of which are designed to function effectively within the target environment.

All Vappro products conform to US military specifications, with their superior quality, integrity and cost-effectiveness. This has earned Magna Group its international reputation as a forerunner of the industry with its long-standing contracts with international militaries.

Ionic metal protective coatings

Magna Group’s Vappro range has been developed to provide maximum effectiveness with minimal hassle. Within the enclosure constructed for the targeted metal surface, Vappro VCI works using molecular technology, doing away with problems associated with condensation and humidity.

Once it has been activated, Vappro VCI emitters release Vappro molecules which then saturate the enclosure. Ionic reactions take place between Vappro molecules and water molecules in the presence of moisture, inducing hydrolysis and resulting in the passivation of the targeted metal surface with a layer of hydrolyzed Vappro VCI ions.

This effectively protects the metal component against corrosion; due to the unique ability of the ionic layer to retain its protective function even if the layer is disturbed.

Protective coatings for military vehicles and hardware

Magna Group has successfully preserved and mobilized military vehicles, weaponry and electronic systems with the Vappro Preservation System (VPS), a program specially developed for the requirements of armed forces to enhance their operational and combat readiness.

The VPS ensures that the equipment slated for preservation remains protected and in an optimal operational state when mobilized after the period of downtime. Another of its features is its applicability in extreme conditions including temperate, cold, tropical and desert conditions.

Anti-corrosion treatment

With the implementation of the VPS, the preservation procedure starts from zero point maintenance, where initial inspection of the storage vehicle fittings is conducted, with cleaning, lubrication and replacement of parts done as necessary. Existing corrosion on vehicular parts is treated and removed accordingly with suitable Vappro products.

The application of the Vappro preservation procedure to the vehicle and its systems follows the completion of the aforementioned steps. The entire vehicle is sealed as a final step, concluding the VPS.

Magna Group’s VPS has successfully protected vehicles and equipment from all forms of corrosion and fungus over cycles of two to five years, and is known as one of the most effective and adaptable preservation solutions applicable for the following:

• Main battle tanks
• M-115 howitzer guns
• M-113 armored vehicles
• Armored personnel carriers
• All track terrain carriers
• Armored vehicle-launched bridge
• Combat engineering vehicles
• Small arms
• Telecommunication equipment
• Naval vessels
• Aircraft
• Optics
• Ammunition
• Military spare parts