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Magna 200 Series

Magna 230 General Purpose Cleaner

Magna 230 will not strip, remove or dull detergent resistant metal complex floor finishes or other surfaces. Does not leave any residue behind. Widely used for manual washing of cars and trucks. It removes grease build-ups on pots, pans, glassware, dishes and silver.

Magna 232 Concentrate, Corrosion Inhibitor for Metalworking Fluids

It is composed of amine salts of organic acids. It is a low foaming surface agent, which is extremely effective in inhibiting attack of ferrous metals by aqueous solutions. It is biodegradable.

Magna 240 Window Cleaner

It is a clear blue cleaner for windows, mirrors, porcelain, chrome surfaces and glazed tiles. It holds impurities in the cleaning solution so that they can be easily wiped away. It does not produce scum when used in hard water, leaving a lustrous dust-free surface.

Magna 260 Mosaic & Ceramic Cleaner

It is a new concept heavy duty industrial brick and masonry cleaner that employs a combination of inhibited organic acids and powerful cleaning agents. Works instantly to remove mineral deposits, scale, lime, metal corrosion, scum and excess mortar. Does not affect metals.

Magna 270 Mosaic & Ceramic Cleaner

Magna 270 removes stains commonly found on masonry surface instantly and effectively, yet maintaining the original design of flooring. It is economical, easy to use, highly concentrated and non-flammable.

Magna 280 Anti-Static Floor Cleaner

It is specially designed to remove stains and grime and yet does not affect anti-static flooring. It is highly concentrated and may be diluted with water. This cleaning compound can be used for all types of flooring.