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The Magna International Group of Companies developed the most advanced and environmentally safe VCI technology known. We call it “VAPPRO”.

VAPPRO stands for Vapour-Phase-Protection, which is the foremost state-of-the-art technology in Corrosion Prevention available today.

VAPPRO’'s innovative VCI technology has earned the recognition and confidence of its customers world-wide; ranging from the electronics to the automotive industry; and from the packaging industry to the most prestigious computer industry.

VAPPRO’'s products conform to U.S. Military specifications. The superior quality, integrity and cost-effectiveness of our products has earned the company several major long term contracts in the military field around the world.

VAPPRO'’s international success can be accredited to the ingenuity and commitment of our research and development team. Their ongoing studies continue to create new products, while improving on existing ones, for this very competitive and demanding 21st century market.

How Vappro VCI Works