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Vappro VCI Pouch

Vappro 820 VCI Breathable Pouch

NATO Stock Number: 6850-32-076-1162

Vappro 820 Pak Breathable pouches are made from Du-Pont'’s Tyvek® breathable materials. Vappro 820 Pak pouch is able to meet the most demanding packaging applications including electronics anti-corrosion protective packaging, military anti-corrosion packaging and controlled atmosphere packaging. Designed for multi-metal protection.

Vappro 823 VCI Breathable Pouch

NATO Stock Number: 6850-32-078-2670

Vappro 823 breathable pouches containing vapour corrosion inhibitor are made from Tyvek® material, Du Pont's name for its range of spun bonded polyethylene fibre structures.

It is nitrite-free and does not contain phosphate or heavy metals.

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